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What's Your Favorite Scary Movie?

Type: Candles

Indulge in the spine-chilling allure of our Ghost Face- inspired candle, a tribute to the classic Scream horror movie franchise. This eerie yet enticing candle fills your space with the rich, nostalgic aroma of caramel popcorn, perfectly blending sweet and sinister vibes. Perfect for horror enthusiasts, this candle sets the scene for the perfect movie night full of thrills and chills. 

Para-Soy wax candle hand painted with stabilized wax and scented to perfection. 

Ingredients: Proprietary Para-Soy Wax Blend, Clean Scents Fragrance Oil, Stabilized Wax, Wood Wick, Candle Dye

9 Oz (255 grams) - White Glass Candle with Black Lid

6.5 Oz (185 grams) - Tin Container with Wrap Around Label and Lid 

Scent Notes:

Top: Orange, Coconut

Middle: Caramel, Sea Salt, Praline

Base: Popcorn, Butter

Burn Time: Approx. 45 hours

(All products are handmade, small details may differ from candle to candle)